Intimate Rejuvenation

Women’s frequent complaints about the effects of aging on the female genital tract have placed Cosmiatry at the center of innovative treatments. It is a demand that grows every day and has been motivating continuous research from doctors, laboratories and equipment manufacturers.

With the help of state-of-the-art devices and techniques that are now well-adapted to intimate treatments, which can be specific and associated, it is now possible to recover the elasticity and thickness of the skin of the entire intimate region, as well as lighten its pigmentation and strengthen it the muscles of the pelvis. The changes that affect the female genital system over the years are consequences of natural hormonal changes, which intensify with the arrival of menopause.

Among patients seeking innovative treatments, complaints refer to skin conditions (which become thinner, drier, sagging and sensitive) making sex life difficult. There is also loss of elasticity, the muscles also become flaccid and leakage of urine becomes common with the slightest effort, until the urinary incontinence itself. The skin coloration of the region may also appear darker, causing discomfort, with reflections on self-esteem.


The OM & A Clinic offers its patients the latest resources for preventing the effects of aging on the skin and health of the female intimate region. These are state-of-the-art equipment and up-to-date techniques that, for effective results, can be used alone or in combination, according to custom treatment plans.

Our doctors in conjunction with our gynecologist recommend the most efficient treatment considering given needs.



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EMSella is one of the non-invasive technologies developed to help strengthen the pelvic muscles. The more flabby it is, the greater the likelihood of involuntary urine emission by women.

EMSella is essentially a large, comfortable chair in which the patient sits fully clothed. During sitting time, EMSella uses electromagnetic technology to stimulate the pelvic muscles and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Reality of the aging process, urinary leakage is a delicate matter because it occurs at the slightest effort such as coughing, laughing, sneezing or lifting heavy objects, causing embarrassment.

Post-treatment: No downtime.

Protocol: 6 sessions, 2 times a week.

Result: Immediately and gradually until last session

Exilis Íntima®

Female > Body Treatments

Radiofrequency device adapted for intimate treatment that emits thermal waves to warm the skin and accelerate its metabolism. By contracting, these cells have their collagen and elastin production stimulated and, as a result, the sagging decreases noticeably.

As a result, there are also significant improvements in sexual satisfaction, overall appearance, resilience, and health of the skin in the region is improved. Suitable for mature women, can also be applied to young women with complaints of dryness – the intensity of the laser will vary at the time of application.

Post-treatment: Avoid sex for 3 days.

Protocol: From 4 to 6 sessions, weekly.

Result: Gradual up to 30 days after last week.

Fotona Íntimo®

Female > Body Treatments

A gynecological laser that uses the same structure as other Fotona Intimate devices, unlike the robotic tips adapted to the intimate treatment. When positioned over this region of the female body the Erbium YAG laser, which stimulates collagen production, acts by giving firmness to the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This increases the vascularization of the tissues that support vaginal support, which reduces the diameter of your canal. There is also increased vaginal lubrication, improved symptoms of urinary loss and dryness.

The importance of these results has to do with the condition of the vaginal canal, which suffers direct action of the pelvic floor muscles and their local ligaments. Even without vaginal deliveries, the relaxation of the region is also a consequence of the loss of tone of these muscles. As a direct consequence of this, sexual relations and pleasure may be affected.

The Intensive Fotona Gynecological Laser also acts on the external region of the genitals to lighten it, improving the sagging lips and correcting dermatological lesions, if any.

Post-treatment: Avoid sex for 3 days.

Protocol: 3 sessions, monthly

Result: Gradual, up to 1 month after last session


Female > Body Treatments

Technique recommended to stimulate cell renewal, the term peeling can be translated to “exfoliate” or “peel”. Through natural, mechanical or chemical agents, peeling causes exfoliation of the skin, eliminating its most superficial part, the epidermis. The goal is to stimulate the rapid formation of new layers in its place, which always happens from the inside out, from the dermis to the epidermis.

The intensity of the peel varies between superficial, medium or deep. The skin cells are thus stimulated to grow rejuvenated, softer and clearer. Intimate peeling within this process eliminates dead skin cells and superficial layers by associating some acids. The result is smoother, renewed, younger-looking skin.

Like the others, only the doctor is able to recommend peelings, because it is necessary to be precise about the depth conditions of the skin, which varies from person to person. In case of inaccuracy in the exfoliation process, excessive peeling can cause infections and leave scars.

Post-treatment: Slight peeling

Protocol: 3 to 6 sessions, monthly

Result: Immediate


Female > Body Treatments

The filling technique is usually recommended to correct depressions, ridges, scars and wrinkles. In the case of the female intimate region, its use helps to give volume and restore the “padded” shape of the outer and inner lips of the vagina, as well as the region called “Venus Hill”. When the degree of sagging is higher, the recommendation is to fill with hyaluronic acid. However, there are other substances too. The criterion of choice is always with the doctor.

Post-treatment: No Downtime.

Protocol: 1 session.

Result: Immediate.

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