Skin cleansing

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Keeping skin clean, hydrated and protected are important steps in maintaining and prolonging health, beauty and good looks.

Faces are constantly exposed to airborne impurities, thrown by vehicle exhausts, industrial chimneys, bakeries and restaurants, by burning, among others. These are particles that accumulate in the skin and add to the natural sebum produced by the sebaceous glands and the natural peeling of dead cells. There are also the harmful effects of UV rays and hormone-driven changes, all focusing on skin health.

Daily care at home is partly about cleansing and protecting the skin, but better results are achieved with procedures performed by professionals.

In specialized clinics, to cleanse the skin are considered their type – dry, oily, mixed – state, disease history and lifestyle of the patient. Procedures include cleansing, exfoliation, disinfection, soothing mask use, protection and hydration – as well as guidance.

Post-treatment: No downtime.

Protocol: 1-2 sessions, monthly.

Result: Immediate.

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