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High tech vs High touch

The technological (re) evolution (automation / robotics) that we are experiencing today is generating a paradox: “High Tech vs High Touch”.

What does that mean?

Machines and equipment are fundamental. We constantly invest to have the most modern equipment in the Clinic, as we consider this a premise to serve our Clients.

However, machines are not a differentiator. Technology became a commodity. Anyone who is able to invest can buy ! This is "High tech".

High touch depends on people. It depends on the construction of relationships between human beings, the bond between doctors / teams and patients.

That's what makes the difference. The construction of human relationships.

Doctors care for patients, this is our mission. Caring means being present, worrying, paying attention, explaining and not giving in to the will.

This is “High touch”, this is what we believe.

Aging Gracefully

The 21st century is the century of change. Rarely has it been so intense, changing what seemed to be definitive yesterday, by something that will become obsolete tomorrow. With each passing year life expectancy increases by 3 months. Surpassing the age of 90 with quality of life and beauty is no longer surprising, it is expected.

If there is something cetain in life, it's that time doesn't stop. There are methods today to help that ageing does not impact people's beauty or self-esteem. Just be aware that each stage of life has its beauty and that it is possible to age gracefully in a natural way without showing how old you are, but rather everything you have learned, as well as everything that remains ahead in life.

The increasingly advanced rejuvenation technologies combined with the doctor's technical and judicious eye are the main ingredients for this.

Aging should be synonymous with accumulating experience, not wrinkles (some light and subtle ones are charming and natural after all, they represent our repertoire of stories).

The years should serve as medals that we collect, winning personal and professional victories, making friends and memories, deepening our understanding of the world around us. On this journey, there is no reason why people wouldn't accumulate some wrinkles, marks and scars. Cosmiatry exists to minimize all of that.

Maintaining beauty today, more than ever, is a simple choice that we must make. How do we want to grow old? How do we want the years to treat our face and skin? As a gentle ally, or a fierce enemy.

Maintaining beauty depends on long-term planning, a continuous care process for those who matter most - You.

Beauty Mathematics

Greek philosophers claimed that "all beauty is mathematical" and for years scholars have sought the formula of beauty. They concluded that there was an equal proportion present in everything that was beautiful: in nature, in the arts, in architecture and even in the proportions of the human body.

This equation was called Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion. The gold number, the result of the relationship between two measures, is 1.618 represented by the Greek letter "phi" in honor of the sculptor Phideas who used this equation in his works.

Great Renaissance artists, like Leonardo da Vinci, used the Golden Ratio to carry out their works i.e. the Mona Lisa, the Vitruvian Man and The Last Supper some examples.

We use this same principle using face mapping calculations, always respecting the nature of each face so that asymmetric regions are corrected with harmony and balance. The objective is to obtain precision contours and the balance of proportions naturally.

Less in more

Many people think that "if a little is good, then a lot is better". Not always.

When it comes to aesthetic procedures this is certainly not true. In this theme, the less is more, the experience of looking and the criterion of analysis are premises for good results.

Injectables, for example, have excellent results in rejuvenation as long as they are used in the right amount, applied in the correct places and - of course - using high quality products.

The end result is a rejuvenated and natural looking face. A light and harmonious semblance, to the point where people do not know how to identify if any procedure was in fact performed.


Nowadays, the watchword in all branches of Medicine is called prevention, since it is much easier to solve any problem in the beginning than to revert a problem when it has already gained some dimension.

“Prejuvenation”: word whose origin comes from the cross between prevention and rejuvenation. It is a growing trend among young adults who start doing light cosmetic procedures before age 30. The “selfie culture” and the pressure on the appearance generated by social media has accelerated this movement.

One of the main concepts of "Prejuvenation" is to postpone as much as possible the appearance of the dreaded wrinkles and lines, training facial muscles to move less. The convenience of this type of procedure that does not present “downtime” is undoubtedly an additional attraction for young people.

There is another phenomenon that has been attracting an increasingly younger audience to perform aesthetic treatments. This is the “text neck” or “tech neck”. Caused by the excessive inclination of the neck down, the “text neck” has been causing an “early flaccidity” of the region between the chin and the neck forming the double chin.

To give you an idea, when bending down to touch the smartphone, the head is at an angle of 60 °, which causes her weight to increase from 7 to 27 kilos, causing not only the “text neck”, but other damages neck and spine. This phenomenon is already considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a global epidemic.


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