Fotona 4D®

Clinical Dermatology > Rosacea

Two types of laser work together in the Fotona 4D, enhancing its action. They are the ND YAG laser, which heats the cells internally with the option of selective temperature increase, causing cell renewal; and the Erbium Yag laser, which stimulates collagen production.

In practice, it translates as a four-dimensional treatment, the accuracy of which is guaranteed by a robotic tip that varies according to the type of recommendation. Each has the ability to scan and evaluate the area to be treated, ensuring homogeneous action.

To treat rosacea, robotic technology gives you more security by allowing you to reach the temperatures and potencies needed to promote cell turnover, unclog superficial and deep blood vessels and thus induce tissue recovery.

The Fotona 4D laser helps treat rosacea in all its phases, preventing worsening of the stages. It can also be used to maintain and control blood vessels, redness and skin texture for uniform appearance – all actions that help prevent the problem.

Post-treatment: Avoid sun exposure

Protocol: 2 to 6 sessions, monthly

Result: Gradual from the first session.

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