Fotona 4D®

Female > Facial Treatments

Two types of laser combine in the Fotona 4D, enhancing its action. In practice, it translates as a four-dimensional treatment, the accuracy of which is guaranteed by a robotic tip that varies according to the type of recommendation i.e. sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. Each has the ability to scan and evaluate the area to be treated, ensuring homogeneous action.

For rejuvenation and decreased sagging, the tip is aimed at the neck, double chin, eyelids and eyes. With a special tip model, the device can also be directed to the inner walls of the mouth, thus stimulating collagen from the inside out, also improving the skin around the lips, the so-called “barcode”. In this case it helps to increase the volume of the lips. The result is a facelift and rejuvenation of the entire treated area.

Post-treatment: No downtime.

Protocol: 3 sessions, monthly.

Result: From the 2nd session.


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