Clinic or Gallery?

Science and art have been part of the daily life of dermatologist Otávio Macedo for many years. Without excluding the other, both are combined in their work philosophy, where the pursuit of beauty is also the pursuit of balance and health. The treatment results of patients who go to the Otávio Macedo & Associados Clinic are the best translation of this association. But it is not necessary to wait for them to experience this experience: in the clinic facilities in Jardim Europa, in São Paulo, the concept of beauty with criterion hovers in architecture, decoration, environments and among the teams of professionals. Nothing there looks like a DERMATOLOGY CLINIC. It feels like being in a gallery amid paintings, sculptures and gardens. The highlights are two sculptures by Victor Brecheret, one of the leading artists of the modern avant-garde, whose features so well reflect the concept of beauty with harmony, delicacy and discretion. The São Paulo Clinic’s building has a milky glass-covered face building in the shape of a giant whitish artistic ice cube. Inside, there are 28 harmonically designed environments in the built area totaling 1,000m², with a predominance of white. It’s all white  floor, walls and ceiling, with glass decoration and mirrors. Illuminated tears in the ceiling lining lead to pathways leading to the interior sectors. To access the upper floor, a fully transparent glass staircase accentuates the futuristic feel. Behind one of the mirrored walls, discreetly, a television set keeps the routine of useful information for visitors. Spacious corridors reinforce the feel of an ART GALLERY, a surprisingly real imagination for those who are in a hurry to enjoy the works placed everywhere on their way to large offices. Large windows and landscaped openings allow the Jabuticaba trees to naturally enter. The surrounding green areas sometimes lead to imaginary trips of being away from the São Paulo metropolis. It’s an oasis amidst the concrete of Brazil’s largest city. In addition to the pleasing visual experience offered by the OM&A Clinic, there are other smells, the result of the essence specially created by L’Artisan Parfumeur Paris, which spreads pleasantly in all environments and gives the imagination of the clinic visitor – or gallery. Orchids sprout along the path, break the white monochrome and accentuate the pleasant essence that leads to the garden. Imagination becomes reality in the face of the concept The White Cube Gallery, which simply defines what is the OM&A Clinic: a dermatology clinic within an art gallery. Or, if you prefer, a gallery inside a modern dermatological care center. A world of art focused on health and beauty, a world of health and beauty focused on art. Concepts and shapes not only go together, they intertwine.

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