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Botulinum toxin is the substance responsible for the most important revolution of rejuvenating treatments, being recognized as the most used procedure within the protocols that work with the concept of Prejuvenation (prevention and rejuvenation). And the explanation for this is simple: it is proven that botulinum toxin has the ability to delay the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Formulated in doses that significantly dilute the source toxin, its action paralyzes the muscles of the face, preventing them from contracting and forming fine lines, or dynamic wrinkles to settle or deepen.

In Cosmiatry, botulinum toxin is recommended to treat forehead lines, wrinkles in general and those that form around the mouth (“barcode” effect) and eyes (crow’s feet). It also decreases neck lines, in a technique called “Nefertite´s Lifting”, and furrows between the eyebrows, among other applications.

Recent studies show that frequent application of botulinum toxin favors the formation of new collagen. Its use, however, goes beyond cosmiatry and can help treat migraines and sweating, for example.

Common sense should be the watchword when using botulinum toxin because, when in excess, the muscle relaxation produced can compromise the expressiveness and naturalness of the face – and this is an example of the relevance of one of our “less is more” philosophies. ”(Less is more), which preaches balance and harmony as standards of beauty and health.

Only doctors should apply botulinum toxin to their patients, as they are the professionals who are best able to strike the balance between ensuring expressiveness and looking youthful. Knowledge about human anatomy and, especially, about the depth of the facial muscles, in this type of treatment makes all the difference.

Post-treatment: Normal life, you only need to avoid lowering your head, exercising or lying down for 4 hours after application.

Protocol: 1 session.

Result: Immediate, with evolution of 7 to 15 days after the procedure.

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