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A gynecological laser that uses the same structure as other Fotona Intimate devices, unlike the robotic tips adapted to the intimate treatment. When positioned over this region of the female body the Erbium YAG laser, which stimulates collagen production, acts by giving firmness to the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This increases the vascularization of the tissues that support vaginal support, which reduces the diameter of your canal. There is also increased vaginal lubrication, improved symptoms of urinary loss and dryness.

The importance of these results has to do with the condition of the vaginal canal, which suffers direct action of the pelvic floor muscles and their local ligaments. Even without vaginal deliveries, the relaxation of the region is also a consequence of the loss of tone of these muscles. As a direct consequence of this, sexual relations and pleasure may be affected.

The Intensive Fotona Gynecological Laser also acts on the external region of the genitals to lighten it, improving the sagging lips and correcting dermatological lesions, if any.

Post-treatment: Avoid sex for 3 days.

Protocol: 3 sessions, monthly

Result: Gradual, up to 1 month after last session

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