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(Beauty Mathematics)

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A recent protocoled technique that allows you to map parts of the face using an efficient point code to get precision and speed when filling them with hyaluronic acid. The result is an excellent quality facelift with delicate and sophisticated embellishment, ideal for a younger, more natural look.

This coded mapping is based on the criteria of the “Mathematics of Beauty”, which is inspired, in turn, by the balance and harmony of the so-called “golden ratio”, which goes back to the notion of beauty that inspired many philosophers and, above all, Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.

According to this proportion, the beauty of a face can be calculated – and it is this knowledge that MD Codes puts at the service of Cosmiatry. With this, the dermatologist gains precision when deciding on the points to receive more, or less fills.

The ability for the doctor to restore lost volumes at structural points on the face is the big news that MD Codes brings, as it uses hyaluronic acid to fill in wrinkles, such as those going from the sides of the nose to the mouth, called “Chinese mustache”. ”, as usual.

The new chapter that MD Codes begins to write will allow the change in facial architecture to be delayed in the name of balanced rejuvenation. This naturally changes over time because of fat loss and bone structure.

This is the case of “Chinese mustache”, which arises as a result of deep fat loss and bone resorption of the cheekbone. Flattened when viewed in profile, the skin there is left and so pronounced grooves appear. Filling them was a way of solving the cause, but not the consequence of the problem.

The revolution that MD Codes brings allows them to fill in the points before the problem sets in, ensuring men and women look youthful and natural for longer. The technique has coding for different types of faces, considering the characteristics of each gender. In the case of men, the lower third and mandible contour are generally more defined and angled, whereas the woman has a more pronounced middle third.

MD Codes is a very much celebrated achievement by Cosmiatry, as it paves the way for accurate fillings of wrinkles and lines through cannulas without the risk of invasive procedures. But once again, even though the technique is a breakthrough, its use and results will depend on the dermatologist’s knowledge of anatomy, associated treatments, and his understanding of discerning beauty.

Post-treatment: No downtime.

Protocol: 1 to 2  sessions;

Result: Immediate, lasts an average of 12 to 18 months after the beginning of the first session.

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