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It is a technique recommended to stimulate cell renewal. Through natural, mechanical or chemical agents, peeling causes exfoliation of the skin, eliminating its most superficial part, the epidermis. The goal is to stimulate the rapid formation of new layer in its place, which always happens from the inside out, from the dermis to the epidermis.

For the treatment of dark circles, especially melanic dark circles, which have excess melanin pigment, peeling helps lighten this area of the skin, eliminating blemishes and shading. This is because exfoliation stimulates the rapid formation of new layer in its place.

The intensity of the peel varies between superficial, medium or deep. Only the doctor is able to recommend peelings, because it is necessary to be precise about the depth conditions of the skin, characteristic that varies from person to person. In case of inaccuracy in the exfoliation process, excessive peeling can cause infections and leave scars.

Post-treatment: At medical discretion.

Protocol: At physician’s discretion.

Result: On average, 1 week after 1st session.

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