Fotona Tightsculpting®

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Fotona is a combination of lasers that can “sculpt” the body reducing sagging. Two types of laser combine in Fotona enhancing its action. They are the ND YAG laser, which destroys the internal fat cells by selective temperature increase; and the Erbium YAG laser, which stimulates collagen production, giving the skin more firmness.

In practice, it translates as a four-dimensional treatment, the accuracy of which is guaranteed by a robotic tip that varies according to the type of recommendation. Each has the ability to scan and evaluate the area to be treated, ensuring homogeneous treatment action.

The device’s action on sagging is a consequence of its action on localized fat, a treatment that requires higher temperatures and powers, which is guaranteed by its robotic technology. The double result that Fotona Tightsculpting offers – for localized fat and sagging – considered to be one of its key differentiators comes from its ability to stimulate collagen production just as the decrease in fat tends to make the skin sagging.

Post-treatment: No Downtime.

Protocol: 3 sessions, monthly.

Result: Lifting effect.

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