Unwanted hair

The greatest presence of hair in a man’s body has to do with male biology, in this case determined by androgen hormones, where testosterone is the main one, but is also defined by genetics.

If certain genes predominate, the highest concentration of hair may extend beyond the central region of the male body – the most common chest and face – to shoulders and back as well. It may also occur that hair on legs and arms, as well as beard and hair, is more abundant and thicker than normal.

For aesthetic reasons and the increased risk of obstruction and inflammation of the hair follicles, which is common due to the nature of male skin, which combines excessive production of keratin, sebum and sweat, more and more men are seeking the treatments that Cosmiatria offers for the unwanted hair.


Fotona Depilrobot®

Male > Body Treatments

Permanent hair removal, recommended to stop the growth of unwanted hair. Fotona Depilrobot uses robotic technology through a technique that scans the desired area and initiates the application of light homogeneously. It reaches the deepest planes of the pores, reaching the hair bulb and completely destroying the hair without leaving spots.

Post-treatment: Normal life.

Protocol: 3 sessions, monthly.

Results: Gradually from the first session.

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