From the age of 30, when the first signs of natural aging appear, the reflections of accumulated carelessness also appear. Expression lines, the first to emerge with the natural loss of collagen and elastin, are an example of this. Although in men, by the characteristics of the masculine skin, which is rougher, thicker and oily, the lines appear later. When they do manifest themselves, they are deeper too. It should also be noted that the beard acts as a natural protection, so the lines end up coming later than in women.

Formed from the repetition of facial muscle movements, the lines are also accentuated by factors other than the contraction and relaxation of the muscles. They are affected by smoking, excessive and unprotected sun exposure, improper diet, dehydration, recurrent insomnia and stress.

Expression lines occur most often in fair-skinned people because they have less of the melanin pigment, also have less natural photoprotection. Among African descendants, the denser layer of collagenous fibers delays the appearance of the lines.

In youth, the lines are often imperceptible because of the abundant production of hyaluronic acid, the natural substance that fills the spaces between cells. Skin renewal at this age also takes just four weeks, a cycle in which new cells are generated in the dermis and keratin-rich continually push the already lifeless cells of the epidermis, which eventually peel off.

To slow down and soften this process, Cosmiatry today works with the concept of Prejuvenation, an English term that originates from the junction of words whose translation is prevention and rejuvenation. This is an upward trend that guides people to act as soon as possible i.e. recommended daily care and routine skin treatments from the age of 20, when it is in its height.



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Injectable treatment, where the replacement of hyaluronic acid, a natural component of the skin, but whose production decreases gradually from 30 years of age. The treatment revitalizes the skin and improves its hydration, not only acting on the lines, but all around the region.

Post-treatment: No downtime.

Protocol: 4 sessions, monthly.

Result: 30 days after the 1st session.


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It is a technique recommended to stimulate cell renewal. Peeling is a term that can also be translated as “exfoliating” or “peeling”. Through natural, mechanical or chemical agents, peeling causes exfoliation of the skin, eliminating its most superficial part, the epidermis. The goal is to stimulate the rapid formation of new layer in its place, which always happens from the inside out, from the dermis to the epidermis.

The intensity of the peel varies between superficial, medium or deep. The skin cells are thus stimulated to grow rejuvenated, softer and clearer.

Only the doctor is able to recommend peelings, because it is necessary to be precise about the depth conditions of the skin, characteristic that varies from person to person. In case of inaccuracy in the exfoliation process, excessive peeling can cause infections and leave scars.

Post-treatment: doctor´s orientation.

Protocol: 2 to 4 sessions.

Result: On average, 1 week after 1st session.


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It is a thermal system that acts by fractional action, that is, by discontinuous emissions of heat. recommended for rejuvenation, when applied to the skin, the emitted heat reaches only the upper dermis. Everything is very fast, resulting in two actions: the skin becomes more permeable to drugs and actives; and so starts producing new, better quality collagen.

Post-treatment: Redness lasting 6 to 12 hours; Small crusts form after 24 hours and last up to 3 days.

Protocol: 3 and 5 sessions, monthly.

Result: Gradual, 1 to 2 months after the first session.

Botulinum toxin

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Botulinum toxin is the substance responsible for the most important revolution of rejuvenating treatments, being recognized as the most used procedure within the protocols that work with the concept of Prejuvenation (prevention and rejuvenation). And the explanation for this is simple: it is proven that botulinum toxin has the ability to delay the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Formulated in doses that significantly dilute the source toxin, its action paralyzes the muscles of the face, preventing them from contracting and forming fine lines, or dynamic wrinkles to settle or deepen.

In Cosmiatry, botulinum toxin is recommended to treat forehead lines, wrinkles in general and those that form around the mouth (“barcode” effect) and eyes (crow’s feet). It also decreases neck lines, in a technique called “Nefertite´s Lifting”, and furrows between the eyebrows, among other applications.

Recent studies show that frequent application of botulinum toxin favors the formation of new collagen. Its use, however, goes beyond cosmiatry and can help treat migraines and sweating, for example.

Common sense should be the watchword when using botulinum toxin because, when in excess, the muscle relaxation produced can compromise the expressiveness and naturalness of the face – and this is an example of the relevance of one of our “less is more” philosophies. ”(Less is more), which preaches balance and harmony as standards of beauty and health.

Only doctors should apply botulinum toxin to their patients, as they are the professionals who are best able to strike the balance between ensuring expressiveness and looking youthful. Knowledge about human anatomy and, especially, about the depth of the facial muscles, in this type of treatment makes all the difference.

Post-treatment: Normal life, you only need to avoid lowering your head, exercising or lying down for 4 hours after application.

Protocol: 1 session.

Result: Immediate, with evolution of 7 to 15 days after the procedure.

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