Publicado: 29/05/2018

Dr. Otávio Macedo

Dermatologist Dr. Otávio Macedo is a national and international reference in Cosmiatry and Dermatological Surgery. At the age of 40, with a solid track record that includes daily clinical care, continually updated medical research, annual attendance at academic conferences as a member of the Brazilian, American and European Societies of Dermatology and Laser Surgery, Dr. Otávio is also a master at offering to patients the balance between beauty and health of the skin.

Pioneering the use of laser in dermatological treatments in Brazil, combining science and art has been for him his main inspiration in attending the most diverse clinical and aesthetic cases. For no other reason, he chose to specialize in Cosmiatry, the science that studies and treats human beauty in all its aspects.

A believer in the philosophy that less is more, Dr. Octavius ​​has managed to bring it into his daily practice by bringing together the precise touches of Cosmiatry with the delicacy of his talent. Without excesses, always seeking harmony and beauty with criteria, science and technique in their hands have become their personal mark in returning grace and self-esteem to patients.

With clinics in two cities, Dr. Otávio and his team are divided between the capital of São Paulo and São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo. In both are offered the latest treatments in Clinical Dermatology and Cosmiatry, in which the assessment of each patient is thorough and plans individually designed, combining different techniques for the best results.

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Taubaté / SP, Dr. Otávio has residency in Dermatology / Cosmiatry in Lausanne, Switzerland; in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and in Paris, France. He is the author, among other titles, of The Construction of Beauty, Benefits of Laser Aesthetic Surgery, in partnership with Tina Alster and Lydia Preston; and Secrets of the Good Skin, all from Editora Senac. The book Acne tem Cura was launched by Globo publisher in 2007 and the AKNE project in 2016.

About his work philosophy, Dr. Otávio Macedo often says that when men exchange ideas, they multiply thoughts that come to life in society. The scientific and technological advances, which he constantly updates about, in his view add constant value to medicine, supporting health-thinking professionals from different areas of science. It is knowledge that adds to its purpose of seeking and offering beauty, well-being and balance first of all. This is how he practices the profession he has chosen to live with passion, seriousness and dedication.

CRM: 35,851 – RQE: 41,909

  • Graduated in Medicine from the University of Taubaté (1978).
  • Residency in Dermatology at the Vaudois University Hospital Center (CHUV) – Lausanne-Switzerland (1979).
  • Residency in Dermatology at the University of Buenos Aires – Argentina (1980).
  • Member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.
  • Founding Member of the Brazilian Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery.
  • Member of the American and European Academy of Dermatology.

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