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Brazilian experience with Radiofrequency for facial Rejuvenation

Macedo, O.R.;Bussade,M, Fujimura, M , Salgado, A. G. M.,.Secco, L.C.

Over the past several years, laser technologies have replaced chemical peels and dermabrasian as the treatment of choice to improve photodamage skin. Resurfacing of the facial skin with CO2 or Erbium lasers effectively heats and ablates damage tissue, causing collagen contraction and new collagen formation that is critical for tissue tightening and wrinkle reduction. Although the ablative laser techniques are associated with impressive efficacy the side effects like persistent erytema for 3 to 6 months, pigmentary changes, infection, and scarring limit the procedure.
For this reason , non ablative technologies have been developed in an effort to reduce complications.
Radiofrequency tissue tightening is a recently introduced alternative to non-ablative laser technology. It was developed specially for tightening deeper dermal structures without epidermal damage.
This 18 months study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of this new technology.

Material and Methods:
Two hundred patients were submitted to a single full face treatment with Radiofrequency. Before and after, each patient was submitted to series of digital photographs until 6 months of the procedure. 92 % were female and 8% male with age between 40 and 75 years.
Topical anesthetic ( lidocaíne) was applied to the designated treatment area, which was ocluded for at least 1 hour before treatment. For each patient we used 450 shots. The radiofrequency levels were adjusted using the suggested parameters, and according to pain tolerance of each patient during the procedure.

The results were evaluated in good, regular and no response to the digital photographs. We had 60% of patients with good results, 30% with regular results and 10% with no response to treatment.

There is a growing population seeking to minimize signs of aging without the risks or prolonged recovery of laser procedures. Gradual changes, no down time and minimal risk characterize this new procedure. In our experience of 3 years using this new technology, we had good results and satisfied patients with no side effects.

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